Real Madrid Vs Barcelona 21 April Match: Players List, Time & Live | La Liga 2024

The big matchup of the year 2024 between the two biggest teams in the world of football Real Madrid and Barcelona.

 is going to be watched soon and we will tell you about the players of these two teams as well as let you know. 

What are the positions of the two teams what performance have we been seeing and will also tell you when and where and at what time this match will be played. 

We are going to keep the complete details with you. 

You will find these news from the world of football very good

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona Schedule 👇

Millions and millions of fans of the football world are eagerly waiting for this match, when and where and at what time will this match be played, 

so for your convenience, we have mentioned above that this match-up can be seen on 21 April. 

This match is going to be the biggest match of the year 2024. There is no doubt that both the teams have big players who have performed well in the past while there are some new players in the routines. 

They also have to be appreciated. Real Madrid vs Barcelona match will be played on 21st April 2024. 

I am also providing you the details below.

    Real Madrid Vs Barcelona Fixture

 • Date: 21 April 2024 

 • Event: La Liga 2024 

 • Time Table: yet not Announced

Real Madrid Position In La Liga 2024 

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona 21 April Match: Players List, Time & Live | La Liga 2024

If we talk about the performance of Real Madrid 

team of Real Madrid is still at the first place in the La Liga, the team of Madrid has participated in 23 matches in which they have won 18 matches. 

While they have drawn four matches, they have only lost one match while talking about their points tally which is 58 in the entire tournament so far. 

The team is the best lucky after which the players are also very good who have good coaches under a good strategy this team is here and you guys can see the results how many more results this team good to see us There is no team in this entire La Liga league that has so many points. 

Let me tell you that this team is able to do all these things with its own strength because the performance of all the other teams is also the same. 

It’s very good but you have to admit that the players in this team work very hard to get the best result for their team. 

It happens that Real Madrid has yet to face Barcelona, so we have to see how they perform against this team. 

The real test will also be against the same team. The year 2024 is going to be a huge match so you guys can say that the competition is going to be huge and both the teams will have a chance to perform well while within just one match this team have faced defeat then you can imagine how well this team has been performing in the last 23 matches. 

They have not faced defeat in any of the last five matches.

Barcelona Position In La Liga 2024

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona 21 April Match: Players List, Time & Live | La Liga 2024

Talking about the position of the Barcelona team, in La Liga, the Barcelona team has played 23 matches so far in the tournament they have won 15 matches while they have drawn five matches and they have lost three matches. 

If we talk about their number of points, it is 50. In the last five matches they have won four matches and lost one match. 

This team is a very strong team, an experienced team. 

Yes, this team has all the qualities that Real Madrid has there is also a great strategy, while the strategy within the Barcelona team is also very strong. 

The coaches work hard and train their team. Playing a key role in making the best of the best Barcelona’s captain also has a lot of experience while this team has the quality that this losing team finds success in it, as it has in the past. 

There are times when a Barcelona team is losing, but then there is such a performance that we see such a spirit in this team that it can change the result of Metz within a few moments. 

Granted, this has happened many times in the past۔the real test will be Barcelona against Real Madrid and this match is going to start on the 21st April.

Real Madrid & Barcelona Player’s Analysis 👇

If we discuss the team of Barcelona vs Real Madrid then both teams have good players if we discuss the last match then the team of Barcelona

faced defeat while the team of Real Madrid The reason why they were able to win the match is that there were some mistakes made by the Barcelona players due to which they could not come back within a match and easily the Real Madrid team beat a team like Barcelona. 

Now this team is in a lot of thinking about how and which players will be played in the next match, so these were some details that we have given you guys.


In this post, we have told you in detail which players we can expect to see in the Barcelona vs Real Madrid match on April 21, and we have also provided you with the full details. Hope you like it

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