Al Nassr Vs Al Feiha 12 February Match | AFC Champions League 2024 – Al Nassr Vs Al Feiha 

When will Al Nassr match with Al Feiha be played at what time will it be played and which players from both teams will you get to see we will tell you in full detail today.

And on this match also we will discuss which team can win the match how many matches were played before and which team has been able to win then we are going to tell about it in full detail let’s start.

Al Nassr Vs Al Feiha 👇

This match is going to be the biggest match of this year Al Feiha and Al Nassr matches have been played before but this is going to be the first time in this league.

This match of AFC Champions League will be a knockout stage match all I want to tell you about this match is that this match will be of great importance.

This match will be of great importance for both teams whichever team wins they will be called a great team. 

Al Nassr has great players.So on the other hand Al Feiha also has good players but this match of Al Nassr is going to be a very big match.

Al Nassr Vs Al Feiha Details 

When will Al Feiha vs Al Nassr match be seen First of all we want to tell you about the date. 

Date: February 12, 2024

This match is going to be Al Nassr first match of 2024. 

This match will not be played at Al Nassr home ground.

Al Nassr V Al Feiha Both Team Analysis 👇

If we discuss the big players of both the teams here then you guys will also know that there are big players in Al Nassr team.

Like Cristiano Ronaldo, if you look at this calculation you can easily say that Al Nassr team will be the favorite in this match but still nothing can be said in this match.

Al Feiha also has good players who have been able to make a place in the Al Feiha team due to their good performance within a short span of time.

Match Details & Schedule 

If we talk about this match then this match will be played between Al Nassr vs Al Fieha this match will be counted among the AFC Champions League matches.

The stadium will be of Saudi Arabia, this match will be played inside Sports City Al-Majmaah, matche have been played inside this ground before and there have been many good match.

Al Nassr Team Player’s 

If we discuss the squad of Al Nassr which players are there in their team you will be surprised to hear that big names are part of this team.

I have already written a blog in which I told you which players are in the Al Nassr team so you can go and read them.

 This link is in front of the link you can easily know the squad of Al Nassr by clicking on it.

Al Nassr have to play a lot of matches within 2024, due to which all eyes are going to be on Al Nassr first match which will be played between Al Feiha Al Nassr captain is a great player and his  name is Cristiano  Ronaldo, that’s why Al Nassr team is looking like the favorite team in this entire tournament.

Al Feiha Team Player’s 👇

Talking about the team of Al Fieha this squad is a very good squad matches were played between Al Nassr before this so the team of Al Feiha showed a very good performance🔥.

Now we can’t say in this way that Al Feiha team is very small compared to Al Nassr but there are quite a lot of big players in Al Feiha team as well.

Their captains are also big while their goalkeepers have become all these people have shown very good performances that is the reason why you can say that this team is a very big team.


We have told you in full detail that when the match between Al Nassr vs Al Feiha will be played what time it will be played where it will be played we have told you all the details.

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