India Vs Afghanistan 1st T20 Live: Both Playing 11 & Time Table 

India Vs Afghanistan 1st T20 Live: Both Playing 11 & Time Table 

India vs Afghanistan 1st T20I match when where and what time this match is going to start what will be the playing 11 of the Indian cricket team as well as what will be the playing 11 of Afghanistan we are going to tell you about this series.

 We will discuss the possible playing level of the Indian cricket team and we will also discuss the playing 11 of Afghanistan. All the schedule of this series will also be placed in front of you so let’s start

India Vs Afghanistan Overview T20 Sereis

India vs Afghanistan first 20 overs series of 2024 will see many big players up in this series this series is very important for both the teams.Next year the World Cup is expected. Playing matches between these two teams during the World Cup is a good practice opportunity for both teams.

The Indian cricket team is going to enter the field with its big players while the current performance of Afghanistan is also in front of you.

Recently Afghanistan cricket has developed a lot so this series is going to be very good in the year 2024. The first 20 overs series for both teams will prove to be the series

Indian Team Squad Analysis 

If we talk about the playing XI of the Indian cricket team then you will get to see big players in it. I have already told that this is the year of the World Cup so in this year all the teams showed up to organize their actions. 

The Indian cricket team is also one of those teams. India is performing well in the T20 format in world cricket.

Afghanistan Team Squad Analysis 

Afghanistan team if we talk about the possible team this team is not less than anyone there are players like Rashid Khan in this team most of you will know today between Afghanistan Cricket Board and players. A few things are not going well But it is not that Afghanistan will stop performing well there is no doubt that there is a lot of talent in the Afghanistan team and this team is going to perform very well.

India Vs Afghanistan T20 Sereis Complete Schedule 

If we discuss the complete schedule then three T20 matches will be played Indian cricket team has to play this home series if we discuss the first T20 match which will be played India vs Afghanistan then I will give you all Let me tell you the schedule of the matches

      • 1st T20 Match Schedule 👇

The first T20 match will start on January 11. This match will be played inside the Bandra Stadium in Punjab.If we talk about the timing of this match then this first match of T20 series will start at 7 pm.

       • 2nd T20 Match Schedule 👇

we discuss the schedule of the second T20 match then this match will start on 14 January this match will be played on Sunday this match will be played inside Hole Cricket Stadium the timing of this match is 7:05 PM. This match will start at

           • 3rd T20 Match Schedule 👇

If we discuss the third T20 match then this match will be played inside the Bangalore Cricket Stadium this match will be played on 17th January this match will start on Wednesday if we discuss the timing then it will be at 7 pm. The match will start this T20 schedule which will be played in India vs Afghanistan series

India vs Afghanistan 1st T20 match live

If you want to watch India vs Afghanistan 1st T20 match live then there is a very easy way we have told you completely in three languages ​​for your convenience.

We have already told you how we can watch live cricket matches within English, which is English at number one.

We have explained you in Urdu language also we have explained you in Hindi language too so if you want to see it you can go by clicking on this link.

Afghanistan Playing 11 Vs India T20 

India Vs Afghanistan 1st T20 Live: Both Playing 11 & Time Table 

If we talk about Afghanistan cricket team playing 11 then dear friends Afghanistan is a dangerous team possibly their players are going to see us. will also discuss the latest performances of See Afghanistan cricket team is a dangerous team they have all those skills That happens within a good team. Afghanistan cricket has made great strides in a short span of time

As far as his Indian cricket team’s tour is concerned there was an occasion when Afghanistan cricket team’s home ground used to be India so you can guess that he has the experience of how India pitches.

 And almost all the players in their playing 11 have played in the IPL as well they have experience of everything how the Indian pitches are played so this series is very important. 

We will have to see what the atmosphere will be. Let me tell you a little about their players

Their main player is Rashid Khan who completely dominates and performs very well while there is another player in IPL who has performed very well and his name is Rehmanullah Garbaz.

Rahmanullah Gurbaz is a batsman who participates in IPL PSL and other major leagues in the world.He participates in them and is considered a good player in the current era

Along with them they also have a good spinner named Mujeebur Rahman it becomes a team that is capable of beating any big world team. If you look at Afghanistan cricket they have new players. Players are also coming

He also has Najeebullah Zadran who makes everyone very nervous with his spin along with his friend Muhammad Nabi who is also a part of his team.

This is a team that has good wicketkeepers good batsmen good bowlers good batsmen what makes it difficult for them is in terms of fast bowling where they become weak and this has been almost since Afghanistan cricket was formed. The problem has been going on since then

India Team Playing 11 Vs Afg T20

India Vs Afghanistan 1st T20 Live: Both Playing 11 & Time Table 

If we discuss the playing XI of the Indian cricket team that will be seen in the first T20 match against Afghanistan then let me tell you dear friends that nothing can be said about the Indian team.

 I will tell you the few players who will be part of the squad for confirmation like Kal Deep Yadav, along with them we can see inside the squad of the Afghanistan cricket team.

We will also get to see Suryakumar Yadav while KL Rahul or Ishan Kishan might also get to see you. This makes for a team that has all the talent to beat a big team what do you think.


Is We have told you in this blog post that India vs Afghanistan first T20 match which will be played in India when will this match start what time will it start which teams of both teams will be we have discussed all the details.

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