Most Runs Wickets Catches | Worldcup 2023 Stats

Most Runs Wickets Catches | Worldcup 2023 Stats 

Most Runs Most Wickets Most Catches In  Worldcup 2023 | Cricket Stats

The most searched question of today is who will take the most wickets, runs or catches in the Cricket World Cup 2023.

The cricket world cup festival has started, you will also be supporting your favorite players, I am sure you will be staring at them, a glimpse of your eagerness to watch the world cup.

You are showering your favorite players with immense love everywhere. 

Whatever your favorite batsman or bowler can do, he can score the most runs, which doubles your happiness. The second would be to get the most wickets Also Most Catches 

List Of Most Runs Wickets Catches All Teams Worldcup 2023 





▫️New Zealand


▫️South Africa 



▫️Sri Lanka

These are all the teams whose players are going to try to score the most wickets, the most catches and the most runs. 

These 10 teams are going to compete against each other in the ICC Cricket World Cup. They will be the lucky players who deserve the most runs from the ICC. Talking about strong teams, they are all strong teams. 

There is no doubt because if these teams were not strong So, there is no game for the World Cup. Up to this point of the World Cup, big teams have been left behind. I would like to put the example of two teams in front of you.

       1 Zimbabwe 

       2 Westindeis

None of you, including me, will doubt the ability of these two teams. These two teams have been the biggest teams of their era. If we talk about the West Indies team, then this team used to be a very scary team. Good bowlers used to be batsmen and fielders but today this team has not even reached the super 10 stage of the world cup.

The people of these two countries will not be able to support their respective teams, the reason is that neither the Zimbabwean team has been able to qualify for Surd nor the West Indies team to travel to the World Cup for these two teams. So that’s over, the point is to say that all 10 teams that have qualified for the World Cup are very good teams.

Most Wickets In Cricket Worldcup 2023 Top 10 Bowlers

Most Runs Wickets Catches | Worldcup 2023 Stats

     1) Shaheen Shah Afridi 

     2) Jasprit Bhumra 

     3) Trent Boult 

    4)  Kuldeep Yadav

     5) Ish Sodhee 

     6) Mark Wood 

     7) Muhammad Siraj

      8) Rashid Khan

     9) Haris Ruaf

     10) Mehdi Hassan 

Now every team has a different type of characteristic. Good bowling means when the match is stuck at any point and you have less chances, then the bowlers show such bowling which is the reason. 

The result of the math also changes, so the role of the bowlers is very important, because there will be matches of the World Cup, then the bowlers who have good speed will be successful. will be seen succeeding in the World Cup.

No one will doubt that the team with the strongest bowling is the team of Pakistan. Let me tell you how it is strong. Apart from Naseem Shah, Pakistan’s bowling is also quite good. Shaheen Shah Afridi is Haris Rauf who will also be a part of Pakistan’s playing 11.

 Hasan Ali has shown great performance in 2017. They were declared as the tournament and now they have become part of the Pakistani team in this World Cup

Pakistan also has good spin all-rounders Shadab Khan is the vice-captain of Pakistan along with Osama Mir Muhammad Nawaz, these three are all-rounders who have the skills to bat well with bowling. 

Talking about the next team. If we talk about it, it is the England team. England also has very good bowlers with speed. Mark Wood will be in the England team along with him. In no way is the England team inferior, as a good team should be, so is the English team

Bharat will have the biggest edge because the matches are taking place inside India’s own grounds, then India will have a big advantage. 

Seeing the terrible bowling of Mohammad Shami, we got to see the rule of the Indian bowlers even within the series of the Indian team against Australia so you can say in simple words that the Indian team is also a strong bowling team, whose bowlers are at any time. The can-do-anything match-winning ability lies in the bowling of the Indian team

Most Runns Cricket Worldcup 2023 Top 10 Batters


Most Runs Wickets Catches | Worldcup 2023 Stats

1)  Babar Azam 

   2) Shubman Gill

   3) Virat Kholi 

   4) Jos Buttler 

   5)  DE cock

    6) Kane Williamson 

    7)  Dawid Warner 

    8)  Ben Stokes 

     9) Kusal Mendis 

      10) Fakhar Zaman

There are a lot of names in 10 batsmen. Every cricket team in the world has the best batsmen. All teams are ready to enter the field with good batsmen. So the number of batsmen to be included in this list will be less as I have told you above that the number of batsmen to be included in this list is less but since we are making a list of 10 Who are the batsmen who scored the most runs in the Cricket World Cup 2023, so we are including only 10 batsmen in this list. Now let’s comment on them a little

There are a lot of names that you guys might know. I have tried to tell you all the names of the teams. If we talk about the Indian cricket team, then the Indian team has Virat Kohli, whose performance is very good today.

 There are batsmen who have performed well in every field against every team they have scored good runs with the bat while Rohit Sharma’s performance is the best today KL Rahul is second to none Sheryas Iyer also If there are good batsmen, then it is only a conversation of an Indian cricket team that this team has so many batsmen.

I have kept only two batsmen from England. Believe me, the England team is less to include in this list because England has such good batting that the whole team of England can bat. Now I would like to give you examples like Ben Stokes was not included in the team because of his bowling but because you only bat Jos Buttler who is England.

 The captain of the team is how dangerous he is. Most of you must have seen his good batting. Also, there is an all-rounder like Moeen Ali in the England team. Chris Wickes is also known about him. It may be that these bowlings are good But whenever they get a chance they do it well.David Malan is also a left-handed batsman of England. I think the strongest team in this whole world cup is the England team which has good batting, good bowling and good batting. India has the advantage because India is playing at home. Now you must have seen the batting of these teams.

Talking about Pakistan’s batsmen, what kind of batting does Babar Azam, the captain of the national team, like to play? There are a lot of problems with Babar Azam today at the crease, one is the captaincy is on his doorstep, and the other is Pakistan’s senior batsman Fakhar Zaman’s performance today is not good and he will now go to play the World Cup. Babar Azam must be a little worried because of this, but Abdullah Shafiq Imamul Haq Iftikhar Ahmed’s long sixes are no less than Pakistan’s batting.While Muhammad Rizwan is also a part of Pakistan’s squad, we are getting to see Pakistan’s batting is also quite good.

Most Catches In Worldcup 2023 Top 3 Fielder’s

Most Runs Wickets Catches | Worldcup 2023 Stats

1) Muhammad Rizwan 

2)  Q Decock 

3)  KL Rahul 

I will take the name of the wicketkeepers and you will also understand that it would be better to take the name of the wicketkeepers. The list must have been seen, but there you will have seen only the parts of the three.

 Because of this, I have told you that Muhammad Rizwan is much ahead of all these keepers. D is in the second place and belongs to India in the third place. Wale KL Rahul who also captains the Indian cricket team

The World Cup will be very important for Quiton de Kock. I have already shared some of the reasons with you in one of my blogs.

 Because of this he will try to make his World Cup a memorable one. That they will definitely try to bring victories to their team by showing good performance. Actually, the competition will be between L Rahul and Mohammad Rizwan.

If we look at the current performance then KL Rahul is much ahead of Mohammad Rizwan plays a lot of cricket. 

KL Rahul’s problem is that he plays very little cricket but in that less cricket he performs so well. That people call him a good wicket-keeper batsman, all eyes will be on him during the entire Cricket World Cup, well, the wicket-keepers of other teams are also there, people will say that they could have kept Jos Buttler too There are quite a lot of wicketkeepers but I can’t make the to-do list too long because then I try to tell you more good things in less time.

In order to save your time and to share information with you within a short period of time, the World Cup is starting, and we will continue to inform you during the World Cup. I hope you will appreciate our hard work and will not let it go. You must have liked our informative post. You may have a favorite batsman, bowler or wicketkeeper among them. I apologize for that


In This Post Most Runs Wickets Catches | Worldcup 2023 Stats All 10 Teams Batsman, Bowlers Also Fielder

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