No Ronaldo fan will skip this post: Messi Fans Angry Reaction

Both Ronaldo and Messi have fan followings all over the world. In any corner of the world where football is watched and loved these two names are definitely mentioned. 

If there are fans of Ronaldo they are any Post Ronaldo don’t miss where their picture or name comes up, they definitely want to know about it while Messi’s fans look a little angry at it a similar thing. 

No Ronaldo fan will skip this post?

Well we are going to tell you the full details but first we want to show you the picture that is being discussed a lot on social media. 

We will also tell you the truth of this picture because it is our job to provide you with good and quality updates which we are doing. 

You can see this picture below because of social media.

No Ronaldo fan will skip this post: Messi Fans Angry Reaction

Credit: Facebook & Football

But there is a lot of feedback

Why Messi Fans Angry?

Why are Messi’s fans angry at this time? Friends, the truth is that a match was played in Saudi Arabia. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is also mentioned but due to injury problems he was not available to Nasr and he will not contribute to his team in this myth against Messi despite this Alnassar team managed to perform very well. 

Messi’s team was not able to score any goals. Messi’s fans were very angry because of such a great player who did not score even a single goal. 

On the other hand Cristiano Ronaldo without Khele was able to win his team because of this Messi Fans will start to see a lot of anger.

Messi Vs Ronaldo Match Result

If we talk about the result of this match, it was a match that Alnassar team has managed to win by zero while let us tell you that Inter Miami’s team did not score any goals, including Inter Miami’s team at all. 

I don’t understand what the reasons could be. One of the main reasons why Messi didn’t walk inside this match could be that Al-Nasr’s team was able to show the best performance even though the number was very large. 

There were those who thought that since Cristiano and Ronaldo were injured in this match and they would not be able to play, then Inter Miami team would be able to win this match with ease but it did not happen anymore. 

It is also being echoed on social media that Messi’s team did not play this match with heart. Couldn’t happen and Al Nasr club won this match with 6 zero


Cristiano Ronaldo Injuries Situation?

If you want to know about Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury, how long will it take for him to be fully fit and see us again on the field, then let me tell you that he is very good for everyone. 

It is known that Cristiano Ronaldo is suffering from an injury but his injury is not so serious that is soon you are going to see him again inside the field of play because his fans are very worried and sad that maybe Cristiano Ronaldo.

we didn’t get to see on the field this year but he will be back in football soon and his gut is going to be a minor injury and he will be fully fit again this year. 


Why Inter Miami Lose One Sided Match?

Inter Miami managed to lose after a one sided match which means that Inter Miami has only one win and that is that they lost after a one sided match. 

This team would have gone into the field with passion and enthusiasm because there is a great player like Messi in this team and on the other hand Cristiano Ronaldo is not able to play because of Andrey. 

The team lost this match are some things that I will put before you and tell you the reasons for the loss

     Reason Of Inter Miami Lost

1) There was a lack of passion among the players

2) There was no harmony in the team

3) We did not get to see any plan of the coaches in this match


We told you that during the match between Inter Miami and Al Nassr Club we saw a post that no Ronaldo fan could see, and we also hoped to discuss the fans’ anger at the message. Hope you like everything

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