Some Big Names Of Football Recently Retired Early age

Some Big Names Of Football Recently Retired Early age

Football is everyone’s favorite sport, it is watched and loved all over the world and we are going to tell you some of the big names who recently retired from the football field at a Early age. 

Who are the football players who retired recently? 

We are going to mention the top players who retired in 2024 or before. 

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Football is the most watched popular sport in the world, in this game even a small news becomes a big news. 

There are millions and millions of people from all over the world who watch football very closely there is no doubt about it. 

No, there is such an attraction in football that everyone is moving towards football nowadays there is a huge football craze among the youth. 

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Retired Players List:

Before telling the list of retired players, I want to tell you one more thing that if you people are thinking that these names that I am telling you will not be able to play again in football, then it is not at all. 

What is this, you can understand that all these players will not play football at the international level for their respective countries the rest of them will remain part of the leagues they will continue to play all the matches of the leagues. 

Well what we are talking about is the one and only thing that you will not get to see all these players in international football. 

If they have and are considered to be very good players, then let’s move on to the list

Main Points Before Retired List: 

1)  Those who have a huge fan following will be seen more and will still be mentioned

2)  All these will be players who will be playing in one or the other leagues

3)  Players from only one country will not be included in this list meaning players from all the major countries of the world will be included in this list.

See Big Names Of Football Recently Retired 2024?

Name: Eden Hazard 

Age: 33 Year

Country: Belgium 

Full Details: Eden is only 33 years old despite being so young he announced his retirement very early even though he played very few matches but why he decided to retire so early I still don’t understand. 

Can’t even say that he was a great player in the world but you can definitely take him as a talented player who could have performed well in the future, but he did something that has not been seen yet. 

The fans are unable to understand. He played six matches for Real Madrid, while if we talk about the Belgian team, then you must know about him. 

He is far away but still has his share within leagues etc. 

His fans believe that he could have emerged as a great football player if he had played at the international level.

Name: Wayne Rooney 

Age: 38 

Country: England 

Full Details: A good and great player of his time Rooney made a huge name for himself within a very short period of time. There are also cries today they want to be known and recognized as team managers, but there was no lack of talent in them they are only 38 years old and they are today team managers then you can guess that Why would any team want to keep him as their manager if it is only for profit?

Name: Mesut Ozil 

Age: 35

Country: Germany 

Full Details: Most of you will understand why Ozil name was taken, so let me tell you that if you don’t know about him then you should go to Turkey, where his fan following is because this is Turkey National. He was born in Turkey and played for the German team but he is loved by the Turkish people and has millions of fans. They may have retired from international football

Name: David Silva 

Age: 38

Country: Spain 

Full Details: Who doesn’t know David Silva from Spain all the football fans around the world must know him he belongs to Spain and the people of Spain love him immensely. 

He is 38 years old. He could have played more matches but he announced his early retirement from football

Name: Yaya Touré

Age: 40

Country: Ivory Coast 

Full Details: Most of you would say that he is now 40 years old. 

Let me tell you that it was in the year 2001 when he stepped into the dybbal field when he announced his retirement his age was very young. 

He has experience, then the Saudi team has made him their coach. 

He was considered among the talented players of his time.

Name: Carlos Tavez 

Age: 40 

Country: Argentina 

Full Details: It is said that getting healthy within the Argentina football team is a big deal for any player and Carlos Davies seems to be very much ahead of it. 

Even though he is very old his achievements are still discussed and discussed on social media. 

The people of Argentina love him immensely. 

announced his retirement within but his decision proved to be good after his retirement

Name: Zltan Ibrahimoviic

Age: 42 

Country: Sweden 

Full Details: Out of all the names I have mentioned so far in this list, the most watched or talked about social media personality is Ibrahim. 

Belongs to Sweden, has scored more than 500 or more goals, the biggest leagues in the world want to include him in their team. When he announced his retirement from international football many of his fans became emotional and they have been asking him to come back and join football again. 

Now, since the chances of this are very low, you can say that these are also in the list of people who announced their retirement at a young age.

Name: Gareth Bale 

Age: 34

Country: Welsh 

Full Details: You must be familiar with this name because when he announced his retirement there was an uproar on social media. 

He should have announced his retirement from football, he could have played for another four to five years with Asani, because even today he is part of the leagues but he is not seen in international football because he announced his retirement. 

He is now only 34 years old. You can guess for yourself how young he was when he announced his early retirement from football.


We told you that the current footballers that we see in today’s leagues have announced their retirement at a young age and said goodbye to the world of football. Tried to explain in full detail within the post

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